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Watch What Happens When This Dog Realizes He’s About To Land On A Little Girl (Video)

Dogs are just like people in a lot of ways. They do things instinctively and then just react to whatever happens as a result of those actions. 

A video that recently went viral shows a great example of this.

A dog was playing outside with a small child, jumping around and popping bubbles. One bubble happened to soar particularly high, so the dog jumped up to nab it. Just as the dog was preparing to come back to the ground, he noticed that he was about to land on a little girl.

The look on his face at that moment of realization is priceless – it’s exactly what it would be if a human found himself in the same situation.

Check it out:

No dogs or little girls were harmed in the making of this viral video. Everyone walked away from the incident more or less unscathed. 

Source: Metro / Photo Credit: Screenshot


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