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Watch: Turtle And Cat Play Adorable Game Of Tag (Video)

A new video featuring an unlikely pairing of a cat and turtle chasing each other around a pillar has gone viral on the Internet.

Catching games usually involve someone being “it” and trying to catch or tag your playmate.

In this video, it appears that the fluffy black kitty is “it,” and can be seen chasing his turtle friend around a red brick pillar.

Check out the chase below:

Turtles are perhaps the slowest land animal on the planet, but that will not stop this shelled creature as he changes directions on the cat three times to try and catch his feline friend.

The cat continues to keep the mood light as he rolls over and tags the back end of the turtle’s shell, right at the edge.

The Daily Mirror notes that the contest appears to have taken place in Russia. The 40-second clip has received more than 1 million views since it was first posted to YouTube on March 2.

Sources: RareDaily Mirror / Photo Credit: Catsss/YouTube


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