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Watch This Mama Panda Put Her Baby Back To Bed (Video)

For some reason, kids never seem to want to go to sleep. Put them in bed for a nap, and they'll most likely complain. Sometimes they'll just get right back out of bed and start wandering around. It seems that youngsters rebelling against their bedtime is a constant across all species, and an adorable video showing what happens when a baby panda wanders out of bed is proof of this (video below).

The cute incident took place at the Taipei Zoo in China in 2013, according to Shareably. In the footage, disgruntled panda mom Yuan Yuan and her baby, Yuan Zai, show us exactly what that struggle looks like when Yuan Yuan catches Yuan Zai sneaking out to play when she's supposed to be asleep.

Yuan Zai is pretty crafty, though. The troublemaker manages to evade her mother for around 10 minutes as she wanders about and snacks on bamboo shoots, which is just about as good as it gets if you are a baby panda.

But of course, a mother always knows, and Yuan Yuan eventually spots her baby and tries to put her back to bed. They struggle for a while, as Yuan Yuan tugs on the scruff of Yuan Zai's neck, trying to pull her toward her bed, while the rapidly-growing youngster goes the other direction and pulls with all her might. Eventually, Yuan Yuan gives up the struggle and decides to take a more loving and successful approach, cradling her baby in her arms until Yuan Zai nods off again.

The mischievous streak runs in the family. In 2015, Yuan Yuan got into trouble of her own after she tricked zoo workers into thinking she was pregnant so she could get the extra food and attention that she enjoyed while expecting, according to Metro.

Panda pregnancies are pretty difficult to test for in the early weeks but they are also incredibly rare, so all Yuan Yuan had to do was change her behavior, primarily by pretending that she didn't have much of an appetite. Immediately, she was transferred to an air conditioned room with constant care from her keepers and as much fruit, bamboo and buns she could eat. But while Yuan Yuan received the five-star care, there was one thing she couldn't fake, and eventually the folks at the zoo realized that her pregnancy tests were coming back negative. Oops.

Researchers were brought in to investigate why Yuan Yuan had faked a pregnancy, and all they concluded was that she realized that she could get preferential treatment from her behavior and might have been trying to get air conditioning during those warmer months.

What a rascal!

Sources: Shareably, YouTube, Metro / Photo credit: Pixabay

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