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Watch: Kitten Barks Like Dog Before Doing 'Sliding Dance Moves' For Camera (Video)

Meet Bun Bun, an exotic shorthair kitten who thinks he is a dog.

Even his name is so adorable you can’t stop yourself from wanting to squeeze him. But once you watch a clip (below) of Bun Bun barking like a canine, you will love him more.

The description below the video says:

"5-week-old Exotic Shorthair kitten, Bun Bun, is a born entertainer. Oftentimes when a camera is pointed at him, Bun Bun barks like a puppy and improvises some sliding dance moves."

The clip, titled “Kitten Bun Bun's Funny Reactions to Camera,” was first posted to YouTube in July 2013 by sweetfurx4, but resurfaced recently, racking up more than 2 million views.

A YouTube user commented: “Omg is this kitty barking. It's too adorable.”

Another wrote: “I think evry (sic) part of my body just threw up rainbows :3”

Check out the whole video here:

In April, we reported on a viral video featuring a cat with its head sticking out of a window and making barking noises. But the cat immediately switches back to meowing when it notices its owner behind it.

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Photo Credit: Screenshots via Sweetfurx4/YouTube


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