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Baby Kisses Pit Bull, This Is How Dog Responds (Video)

Pit bulls have a bad reputation of being dangerous and vicious creatures. But one video featuring a baby and a pit bull proves that, with proper training, these dogs can be very sweet and gentle.

In this video, a cute little baby walks up to the sleeping pit bull as the baby's dad encourages the child to give the family pet a kiss on the nose. While some people would never put their baby anywhere near a pit bull, these parents seem to be at ease. The dog, curled up on the couch, wakes up and returns the gesture by kissing the smiling baby back.

See it for yourselves, check out the adorable video below:

According to the Daily Mail, the video above, apparently, sparked anger at the parents who were trying to show the cute side of the dog.

The footage has since gone viral on the Internet, racking up more than 400,000 views on YouTube as of this writing.

Sources: RareDaily Mail


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