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Watch How The Most Popular Holiday Candy Is Made (Video)

The holidays are over and you may be finishing off the last of the candy canes, but have you ever wondered how these peppermint hard candies are actually made?

The process of making candy canes requires a lot of coordinated mechanical and manual work, Viral Nova notes.

Discovery’s “How It’s Made” featured a candy cane segment, which not only shows how a factory makes them, but it also gives the history behind this popular holiday candy, according to Laughing Squid.

Candy canes, invented in the 1700s, now come in myriad colors and sizes. Find out how giant batches of sugary goop are transformed into beautiful, tasty striped candies. Be sure to brush your teeth after watching!

This sugary treat starts out by combining three ingredients: sugar, corn syrup and water.

Peppermint flavoring is added and this yellow glob is kneaded until it’s consistent, io9 notes. It’s then stretched and re-stretched around a central pole, forcing air bubbles into the candy cane material.

The density of tiny bubbles bends and diffracts different waves of light, making the candy cane material turn from yellow to a bright white that we usually see. After enough air has been forced in, the material is mixed or pressed together into a giant log.

For the stripe, a smaller batch of candy cane material is dyed dark red and is stretched out into a single band wrapped around the log lengthwise.

Watch the video below as it becomes the familiar candy we see today:

Sources: Viral NovaLaughing Squidio9 / Photo Credit: Stephen Nakatani/Flickr Creative Commons


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