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This Is What Happens When Cats And Puppies Are Introduced To Each Other (Video)

Introducing a cat to a puppy for the very first time can be disastrous. Fortunately, this compilation of animal introductions went the adorable route.

In a clip (below) uploaded to YouTube, we see mixed reactions and responses from the kitties when they are first introduced to the pups. 

Some cats want to play, some want to hit the puppies on the head, some try to make friends, and some just want to snuggle together. Other cats in the video are curious, confused or just plain ol' scared of the strange new animal.

Either way it’s always cute to see different species or breeds of animals interact. 

Check it out for yourselves:

If you are contemplating getting a cat for your dog, or vice versa, it is important to consider the personalities of both animals. The American Humane Association suggests looking for a companion that has already been previously exposed to the other species.

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Photo Credit: funnyplox/YouTube, hoangnam_nguyen/Flickr Creative Commons


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