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Watch This Guy Open A Beer Bottle With A Piece Of Paper (Video)

What do you do with a cold beer in your hand and no bottle opener in sight? Use a folded up piece of paper.

In the video below, Rhys Morgan, a 21-year-old student at Cardiff University in Wales, demonstrates how to fold a piece of paper and use it to pop open a brewski.

Try out Morgan’s method by following his instructions:

  1. Fold the paper in half vertically until you end up with only a small amount of paper left.
  2. Fold this remaining paper lengthways to create a ‘V’ shape from the paper
  3. Put the ‘V’ of the paper against the underside of the bottle and apply pressure.

"I learnt the trick during the summer," Morgan told MailOnline. "I was at a garden party with, tragically, a broken bottle opener. We needed to create some kind of bottle opener, and I thought that strengthening a sheet of paper by folding it could help it act as a lever to pry the top off!”

The YouTube video was met with much skepticism from viewers, but Morgan says that this life hack actually works.

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“Some people are pointing out that the paper looks thicker than standard paper,” he wrote in the video description. “It's just high GSM paper printer that I happen to have at home. This trick still works fine with thinner paper, all the way down to kitchen towel.”

Sources: MetroMailOnline / Photo Credit: Rhys Morgan/YouTube


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