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Watch This Guy Accidentally Tase Himself Through Metal Bracelet (Video)

A guy filmed himself fooling around with a Taser in a friend’s apartment — and the results are anything but pleasant. The stun gun literally shocked the living daylights out of him after he was electrocuted through a metal bracelet in his hand.

In the video below, Dangelo Conner, of Brooklyn, New York, can be seen waving the powerful weapon around, then sending volts through a can of Coca-Cola, according to the Daily Mail.

It was all fun and games until this genius decided to use the Taser on a metal bracelet, which he held in his other hand. Not surprisingly, electricity then surged through his body.

His two friends burst out into laughter in the background as Conner falls to the floor twitching, proving how strong these stun guns really are.

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According to The Daily Beast, Tasers fired at the chest act in the same way doctors sometimes stimulate a lagging heart via transcutaneous pacing. The difference is that a Taser delivers jolts to the heart at a rate of 1,100 times per minute, while pacing involves a rate of 70 to 80.

Conner, who also goes by the name Mikkey, posted the footage on his Facebook page on March 31, and it has since gone viral, garnering more than 21 million views, 490,000 shares, and 180,000 likes.

While some users found the clip to be hilarious, others have criticized Conner by calling him a “useless waste of space” and “a dumbass.” One notes that anyone paying attention in science class knows that metal conducts electricity.

Check out the whole video here:

Sources: Daily MailThe Daily Beast

Photo Credit: Dangelo Conner/YouTube


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