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Watch This Girl Take Down Cockroach Using Bow And Arrow (Video)

Who needs Raid spray to kill a giant cockroach when you have a bow-and-arrow-wielding daughter to get rid of the pest for you?

That seems to be what is going through this mother’s mind when an uninvited guest crawls up the wall of their house and hangs around near the ceiling, as shown in the video below.

Instead of swatting the cockroach off the ceiling with a broom, the girl decides to grab the classic bow and arrow.

“How do I zoom in on the bug?” the mother asks her daughter before realizing that the zoom function is not necessary. “It is big enough. OK, you ready?”

The teen is afraid she will miss the target, but her mom assures her that she won’t. And just like a scene from “The Hunger Games” series or Pixar's "Brave," the girl aims and fires the arrow, pinning the cockroach to the wall. Bullseye!

“And that’s how you get into college,” the mother says. That is awesome, but now the family has to repair a hole in the wall.

According to Orkin, an Atlanta-based pest control company, while American cockroaches in the immature (nymph) stage are incapable of flight, adults have useful wings and can fly short distances. 

Check out the entire moment here:

Sources: RareOrkin

Photo Credit: Screenshot via AFVApproved/YouTube, Ryan and Sarah Deeds/Flickr Creative Commons


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