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Watch: Girl Pushed To Ground By Classmate After Attempting To Stand On Desk (Video)

A video that recently went viral shows a group of students dancing on their desks just before things take a dramatic turn.

In the clip, which was published to Reddit on Saturday morning, a group of students can be seen dancing on tables in what appears to be a classroom while one student dressed in a gray hoodie doesn’t partake in the shenanigans. Suddenly, one of the dancing students decides to step forward and engage the student in the gray hoodie.

That’s when the sitting student pushes the young woman off the desk. 

People seem to be of mixed opinion regarding this video. Some say the student in the hoodie wasn’t bothering anyone and was simply reacting to provocation. Others insist that the reaction was still too over the top. The one point everyone can agree on, though, is that an authority figure was sorely lacking in this entire matter. 

Sources: Reddit, YouTube

Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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