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Watch This Giant Flopping Fish Slap A Young Boy In The Face (Video)

Hilarious footage (below) shows the moment a little boy crouching over a fish that he and his father had just caught only to be knocked off his feet by the animal.

While Quinn Patrick was on a fishing trip with his father at Snow Lake, Indiana, the two reeled in a foot-long bowfin, reports Daily Mail.

The boy crouches over the fish, which seems to be lifeless on the dock, so he can get a better look at it.

But that’s when the bowfin suddenly flails about on the ground, then slaps the boy in the face with its tail.

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“Ow!” he cries as he is knocked back onto his behind. His father can’t help but laugh, prompting the boy to start laughing with him.

According to the Daily Mirror, the video was posted to dad Eric Smith’s Instagram page, and jokingly captioned: "The largest lake wide, criminal fish hunt, still remains an open case. Assault & battery with malicious intent are the pending charges.”

Quinn seems worried about the fish, saying, "Dad, there's blood on him.”

Dad puts his son’s mind at ease by telling him that he did not cause the fish any harm.

Check out the whole video here:

Sources: Daily Mail,Daily Mirror

Photo Credit: Eric Smith/YouTube


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