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Watch This Dead Squid 'Dance' (Video)

Well, we hope you weren’t hungry.

A viral video of a squid apparently coming back to life is making the Internet rounds again.

The squid is part of a dish called odori-don, a popular attraction at Japanese restaurants. Though the cephalopod is dead, it appears to ‘dance’ when soy sauce is poured on its body. 

The effect straddles the line between fascinating and nauseating, but the reasons behind the squid’s death dance are scientific. The sodium in soy sauce acts as a substitute for the squid’s missing brain. The salt sends ions into its cells, forcing it to open up and release chemicals that cause muscle spasms. 

The squid has to be fresh for the trick to work and the diner needs a strong stomach to eat it.

Source: NPR, Huffington Post Image via YouTube


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