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Man Vs. Spider: Watch Man's Attempt To Trap Huge Spider (Video)

Footage has surfaced of one Australian man failing miserably in his attempt to trap a huge huntsman spider with a plastic food container.

“I decided to get a bigger container because of the size of this one,” YouTuber leokimvideo says in the clip (below), filmed by his young daughter. “I'll have to be really quick.”

The man can be seen at the top of a ladder as he carefully reaches up toward the ceiling with the Tupperware container and completely misses the spider, which drops to the floor.

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His frightened daughter can be heard screaming in the background as she drops the camera.

In his hurry to scurry down the ladder, the man stumbles as he gets his shoe caught in the plastic container.

At the end of the original clip, which has gained more than 29 million views since it was first posted to YouTube, the daughter can be heard saying to her father: “I told you not to play with spiders.”

Check out the video below (Warning: Do not watch if you have arachnophobia.):

Found in warm climates across the world, huntsman spiders are large, fast spiders that can move up to 1 yard per second, according to Live Science. Unlike other spiders, the huntsman does not spin webs to catch their prey. Instead, they literally hunt down their food, a habit that gives them their common name.

Sources: Daily MailLive Science / Photo Credit: leokimvideo/YouTube


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