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Watch Cloody The Rabbit Enjoy Relaxing Bath In Sink (Video)

This furry rabbit went viral on the Internet after he was featured in a video showing him taking a warm bath in the sink.

The rabbit’s name is Cloody, and he appears to be relaxing while he enjoys a nice bath, as shown in the video below.

While some people found Cloody’s bath to be adorable, the video landed in hot water after YouTube users claimed that the sink is a bad fit for a rabbit, according to the Huffington Post.

Some have also said Cloody’s reaction is more a state of shock rather than relaxed.

Wet fur can cause hypothermia if the bunny is not fully dried and kept warm to prevent a dangerous drop in body temperature, the San Francisco Globe reports. While bunnies seem to enjoy water, owners must take precautionary measures to avoid serious injury or even death.

Despite the criticism posted on the video, Cloody’s owners say that the rabbit was so relaxed while bathing that he actually dozed off.

According to the description on their YouTube channel:

As for all the negative comments, I hold him in a baby position in my arms as well and it relaxes him to sit that way so he falls asleep. He also enjoys a body massage, except for his feet. After his baths he goes outside to dry off as usual. Rabbits rarely bathe because they can use their tongues to clean themselves, but since he can't reach his back he likes the water. It is absolutely harmless! So don't be so negative about this people.

Sources: Rare, Huffington PostSan Francisco Globe / Photo Credit: Screenshot via Cloody Tube/YouTube


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