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Watch This Chicago Man Drive Off Tow Truck (Video)

A Chicago man filmed a white Jeep escaping and driving off the back of a tow truck after the vehicle was put on the hook with a person still inside.

According to Tony Marengo, who uploaded the footage (below) to YouTube on Sunday, it is not the first time towing has occurred at the River North neighborhood Walgreens, but he had never seen anything like the incident he captured on video.

"We are used to seeing cars get towed out of the Walgreens lot next door with lightning speed," Marengo wrote in the video description. "Usually NOT WITH A PERSON IN THE CAR, though. And this guy definitely didn't want to get towed.”

“Oh my God,” a woman is heard saying when the man drove himself off the truck, according to The Blaze.

The person inside the Jeep could be heard yelling, “Hey stop buddy, I’m in here. Hey come on.” It is unclear if he was in the car from the beginning or if he went in after the tow truck driver had already hooked up his vehicle.

But after pulling free from the tow truck, the unidentified Jeep driver sped off down the street.

The tow truck company, Protective Towing, declined to comment, CBS Chicago reports. Walgreens refused to give the station a copy of the parking lot surveillance footage from Sunday evening.

Check out the video here:

Sources: The BlazeCBS Chicago / Photo Credit: Tony Marengo/YouTube


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