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Watch: Hungry Octopus Shoots Out Of Water, Devours Crab (Video)

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An octopus shoots out of the water and attacks a crab in a terrifying viral video filmed in Australia.

The yellow and orange crab can be seen resting by the water in an online video filmed in Yallingup, Australia. Suddenly, an octopus jumps out of the water and grabs it.

“There’s an octopus eating a crab!” the woman filming screams.

The octopus struggles for a moment to pull its prey back into the water, but eventually crawls into the pool and under a rock with his meal.

According to Orma, an oceanic news source, octopuses live on a diet of shellfish, crabs, clams and snails. They use their beak, which is the only hard part of their body, to break the shell of their prey and then inject venom to cause paralysis before eating their meal alive.

Sources: NY Daily News, The Concourse / Photo Credit: YouTube via NY Daily News


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