Watch And See Why TrueMove's WWII Commercial Has Gone Viral (Video)

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TrueMove, the Thai mobile phone company that has made a name for itself by producing emotionally moving commercials, has debuted its newest advertisement called “Compassion is true communication,” and it has gone viral with over 1,421,000 views since being published on YouTube.

The commercial is part of TrueMove’s greater campaign, “The True Meaning Of Giving,” that is supported by numerous charities.

The video "dramatizes the noblest form of giving, which is to give with the heart," according to TrueMove. "When the heart gives without expecting anything in return, there is no need for words despite our differences in terms of race, language, society, ideas and culture … Ultimately, only the heart can communicate and connect us all, because the heart is simply the ultimate form of communication.”

The commercial features the daughter of a charity worker who visits a Thai woman with a connection to her father, a WWII prisoner of war. The woman had helped her father while he was held captive and changed his life, which must be seen to be truly appreciated in the commercial, embedded below.

The POW camp that is referenced to in the commercial was located in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, reports Ad Week, where Japanese troops forced prisoners to build a railway bridge over the River Kwai.

Sources: AdWeek, TrueMove

Photo Source: Screenshot/TrueMove


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