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Watch This 'Alien' Baby Move Around Inside Mother (Video)

Fetal movement is one of the greatest experiences for pregnant women, but this clip of a baby moving around inside a mother’s womb looks like a scene from the 1979 science-fiction film “Alien.”

The video below, jokingly titled “Alien Baby Belly,” shows a French couple as they watch their unborn child move and groove in the womb, reports Rare.

Babies moving inside their mother is normal. During the third trimester the baby may move as much as once every two minutes, San Francisco Globe reports, citing WebMD.

Susan Moray, a midwife from Portland, Oregon, said the mother had nothing to worry about.

“It’s good sign and we tell midwives to look out for episodes of movement as a sign that the baby is healthy,” she said, according to the Daily Mail. “They twist and turn and explore their environment which is why the umbilical chord comes out all twists.”

YouTube is littered with of similar videos, but Moray said the French couple is an extreme example of fetal movement.

“I think because this lady is quite thin you can see her baby moving more than if she were fat, but nothing out of the ordinary,” she added. “It would not be so clear on somebody with a bit more fat on them.”

Sources: Rare, SF GlobeDaily Mail / Photo Credit: Super Fun Videos/YouTube


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