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Washington State Trooper Escorts Lost Senior Riding Scooter (Video)

A Washington State Trooper pulled over an elderly woman who was driving her motorized scooter on state highway 546 in Lynden, Washington, on June 9.

Trooper Dave Hintz didn't ticket or Taser the senior, but rather gave her an escort home, which took over an hour, noted KSN (video below).

“Everybody’s worried about you because you’ve been on and off the road,” Hintz reportedly told the woman.

One bystander filmed part of the incident, thinking it was a slow speed police chase (video below).

"She kept looking for the side street to go home and didn't find it so she just kept on pressing on," Washington State Trooper Mark Francis told KOMO.

Francis said the lady, who had driven four miles down the road, thought she was going the right way home.

"[Hintz] had to point out on a map where they were and she realized it, then they had to figure out how to get her home," Francis added.

Hintz could have called an ambulance to take her home, but would've had to get the bulky scooter back to her somehow, so he decided to escort her home going 6 mph with his lights on.

Sources: KOMO, KSN
Image Credit: KOMO Screenshot


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