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Washington Redskins Spark Controversy With 'Happy Thanksgiving' Tweet

Like many companies and brands on Nov. 25, the Washington Redskins wished everyone a "Happy Thanksgiving" on Twitter, however, the tweet sparked an angry backlash against the NFL team.

The Redskins tweeted their controversial logo of a Native American with the caption: "Wishing you and your family a Happy #Thanksgiving," notes The Hill.

Some of the responses on Twitter included:

"@Redskins hey, social media person, happy thanksgiving. i'm sorry you have an out-of-touch idiot boss or bosses who insisted you do this"

"@Redskins remember how you continue to disrespect half of the people that were at Thanksgiving? Neat."

"@Redskins Your thanks is not welcomed. We don't need your thanks. #Navajo #NativePride"

"Somebody give the @Redskins a smallpox blanket"

"@Redskins This is the dictionary definition of trolling"

"@Redskins Wishing you would discontinue your disrespectful use of this logo and pejorative name. This is inexcusable"

"@Redskins a tad insulting towards the genocide of the natives to keep your name"

There were also several memes encouraging the Redskins to delete their account, and parodies of the tweet using the F-word.

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