Washington, D.C., TV Weatherman Gets Sarcastic On Twitter

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Meteorologist Steve Rudin gives friendly weather forecasts for the Washington, D.C., area on TV station WJLA, but has a sharper edge when he's on Twitter.

According to FTVLive.com, Rudin is sometimes sarcastic with viewers when tweeting to them.

Rudin told one viewer, "May the battle begin between your two brain cells. Cheers."

Rudin posted a team's win-loss record, and tweeted, "You and your team should practice harder. Look at this record! Gasp!"

Rudin also tweeted, "I don't have time for you. Sorry."

To be fair, many of Rudin's tweets are normal chatter about WJLA, the weather and self-deprecating humor about his life.

But when Internet trolls engage, he doesn't ignore them.

On May 27, Rudin tweeted, "Social media is all about engagement. It is not a one-sided conversation. Easy concept."

One of the responses was, "you suck at the news."

Rudin replied, "You don't even watch. You are in New Jersey... Plus, I do the we (sic) weather."

Sources: FTVLive.com, Twitter
Image Credit: Twitter Screenshot


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