Man Finds Creepy Note, Tracks Down Writer


A man in England captured international attention after he discovered a creepy letter under his floorboard.

Alex Moss had just moved into his new Manchester home when he discovered a note written 15 years ago underneath his floor, MTV reports.

“Having our bedroom floor replaced,” Moss wrote in a tweet on March 11. “Opened up the fireplace and was met with this…”

Attached to the tweet was a photo of the letter.

“Hello, Welcome to my room it’s 2001 and I am decorating this room," the letter reads. "Hope you enjoy your life, Remember that I will always be watching you! L8ers, Darren Lucas.”

Curious to learn more about the writer, Moss turned to Twitter to find the man -- and he succeeded.

The whole ordeal quickly went from creepy to amusing.

“I'm not watching I promise.. Enjoy Guest Road,” Lucas wrote to Moss on Twitter, according to MTV News. "What a house."

“Family lived there for 20 years," Lucas added. "Bit emotional leaving. I will hold on to the memories I have! But thanks mate."

This is not the first unusual letter to capture national attention.

In November 2015, a man in England came up with a creative way to ask a girl out in the library, the Telegraph reports. He passed a note to her which included a picture of an iPhone text. In the caption, he asked her out to coffee.

He included two responses she could check off: “Sure why not? Life is short :P” or “No thanks I have a 7 foot tall boyfriend.”

"Some guy in the library gave me this and it was the most awkward experience of my life,” she wrote on social media. "10/10 for creativity though."

"I just laughed and said 'actually he's 6ft3', he looked so crushed,” she added.

Sources: MTV News, Alex Moss/TwitterTelegraph / Photo Credit: Alex Moss/Twitter

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