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Walmart Shopper Goes On Racist Rant (Video)

An unidentified female Walmart shopper went on a racist rant against a Latina woman, Eva Hicks, and an African-American woman (video below).

Hicks filmed the incident and posted it on Facebook on May 22 with this caption: "I never in my life thought this would happen to me. Yes me. Just on a simple trip to the grocery store after a hard day of work. I love this country and I will stay in this country."

Shaun King, a columnist for the New York Daily News and an activist, tweeted Hicks' video on May 23 with a description: "Latino woman needs medicine, says 'excuse me' [Walmart] to get it. White woman tells her to leave America then calls another woman 'n******.'"

In the video, the shopper tells Hicks: "Go back to Mexico... go back to wherever you're from."

Hicks recalls that she said, "Excuse me," and asks the shopper not to be rude, but the shopper accuses Hicks of being rude.

"You're in America," the shopper tells Hicks. "You're in America."

At that point, the African-American woman intervenes and tells the shopper: "Stop being ignorant."

"A n****** is calling me ignorant?" the shopper replies.

The shopper tells Hicks to go back to Mexico again. Hicks says, "This is my country."

"It's not your country," the shopper insists. "We don't want you here."

An unidentified male tells Hicks they do want her here, and informs the shopper that her comments are "inappropriate for the store."

The male tells the shopper to leave the store; the shopper tells Hicks to leave.

Hicks says the shopper pushed her with a shopping cart. The shopper denies it, and says she is not going to listen to this "bullc***" and walks away.

There were numerous comments on Hicks' Facebook page:

True colors do show.

Hahhaha she is in Walmart 99.99% of the stuff there is not from "her" country. She should be in Johns Mart if she is so in love with her color and race. White trash needs to be taken out of my country.

I'm so sorry y'all got treated that way. F*** that lady and her ignorance. How awful!

People are so ignorant.

People of color need to unite, we all have a common enemy.

Eva Hicks, I do not know you, but please know you are wanted and welcome here. I'm sorry this happened to you and also to the lady not on camera who stood with you and was called a horrible horrible name. Thank you Wes, WM Associate who calmly and respectfully got the woman to go on about her business. I think WM Corporate should make a statement and ban this woman from their stores if they can find out who she is.

Sources: Eva Hicks/Facebook, Shaun King/Twitter / Photo credit: Jared C. Benedict/Wikimedia Commons

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