Walmart Cashier Impresses With Scooby Doo Voices (Video)

A Walmart employee was recently filmed performing uncanny impressions from the cartoon series, "Scooby Doo," while running a register in the store (video below).

The employee performed Shaggy and Scooby voices for a customer who filmed him, Uproxx notes.

As Shaggy, he says, "Like a long time ago when me and Scoob were like, getting scared by monsters, we kinda said we don't like this type of thing anymore."

He switches to Scooby Doo with, "Yeah, it was too scary," followed by Scooby's notable giggle.

"Like, so we applied for a job at Walmart," he continues as Shaggy. "We were like, we can get paid in food ... Like food is the best stuff we could ever have, man."

The employee tries to riff off a fellow employee named Mark who walks by, but Mark doesn't seem very amused and keeps walking.

The video, which was posted to YouTube on Feb. 24, was a big hit on the social media site Reddit, where users also wrote about Mark's two seconds on the video:

Classic Mark stealing the show.

And he would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for that meddling Mark.

Let’s dispel once and for all with this fiction that Mark doesn’t know what he’s doing, He knows exactly what he’s doing. Mark is undertaking a systematic effort to change this walmart, to make this walmart more like the rest of the walmarts.

This dude with will be on Ellen by the end of the week getting a scholarship.

With Casey Kasem dead, we need a new voice actor for shaggy.

The comment section on the video's YouTube page was flooded:

Someone get this guy in to voice acting and out of wallmart.

At the very least give him a manager position as he's obviously an excellent employee.

Would absolutely love to have this guy at a checkout. Seems like such a friendly, happy guy!

Not nearly enough Mark in this video.

Sources: Uproxx, Jeff Twomby/YouTube, Reddit / Photo credit: Jeff Twomby/YouTube

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