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Waitress' Reaction To $200 Tip Goes Viral (Video)

A gif showing a waitress’ genuine reaction after receiving a $200 tip is going viral.

The gif, which was posted to Reddit on Nov. 18, shows a waitress being filmed through the restaurant window by the people who left her the generous tip. 

As she picks the cash up off the table, she realizes how much money she was just given and a look of shock and delight comes over her face.

The gif is taken from a video (shown below) in which two YouTube users go to three different restaurants and film themselves talking to the waiters and waitresses. They ask each of them what the biggest tip they have ever received was. 

One waiter says that $50 dollars was his biggest tip, and another waitress says hers was $100. 

When the two men exit each restaurant they leave their server a $200 tip, then step outside to film the reaction.

Each server is surprised by the generous action, and the waitress from the viral gif spots the two men outside and runs out to give them hugs.

Afterwards, the YouTubers go back inside to talk to each server. At one restaurant, employees tell them that their waitress was recently involved in an accident on her bike.

“She needed it,” one employee tells the men. “She got hit by a car, like, three weeks ago.”

The waitress then tells the kind strangers, “you gave me chills.”

In the video’s description, Andrew Hales, the creator of the video, writes: “Waiters in Utah make 2.13/hr. Went around Orem to some of the diners late one night, been wanting to do this idea for a while, finally pulled it off with Stuart's (Stuart Edge, YouTuber) help. Hope you liked this, thanks for watching.”

Watch the full video below.

Sources: RedditYouTube / Photo Credit: Screenshot/Reddit

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