Waitress Protects Herself Against Customer's Advances (Video)


A waitress was caught on camera fighting off a customer who accosted her.

In the video, which was originally posted on Reddit, the customer was seen sitting at the bar while the waitress attended to other business. The waitress later approached the customer, who was sitting with another man, to give him his check. As he got the bill, the man took what appeared to be cash and attempted to put it down the woman's shirt. 

The waitress promptly pushed the man away, rejecting his advances. As she walked away, he came after her and cupped his hand between her legs. The waitress then slammed a menu against his face and shoved him to the ground, before walking away and continuing on with her work.

"I personally love the walk off," Redditor AShellfishLover wrote in response to the video. "Yeah, she knows she dropped him, now she's got something else to serve besides justice.

"Really, that grab can't be anything but assault," another viewer added. "He clearly knows she's not interested at that point. He looks upset and so his next move is grabbing her crotch. That's a pretty crappy mentality to have. I hope he got more than just knocked down."

Watch the shocking moment below.

Sources: Reddit, YouTube

Photo Credit: YouTube


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