Waitress Goes Above And Beyond For Autistic Customer (Photos)


A Chili’s waitress in Midvale, Utah, went above and beyond to accommodate a customer with autism who wouldn’t eat the cheeseburger she ordered.

Customer Anna Kaye MacLean visited a Midvale Chili’s with her husband and her 7-year-old autistic sister, Arianna, PopSugar reports. Arianna ordered her favorite meal, a cheeseburger — but refused to eat it when it came out. 

“She calmly said, 'No, I don’t want it,'" MacLean wrote to Love What Matters on Facebook Dec. 24. "Cheeseburgers, or ‘Krabby Patties’ as we sometimes call them, are her FAVORITE! So this behavior was VERY strange.

“So I asked her, 'Why don’t you want it?'. She replied, 'It’s broken. I need another one thats fixed.' Then it dawned on me why she wasn’t eating it. It’s because it was cut in half.”

She went on to explain that her sister needed to have certain things in a particular order at all times because of her autism. 

“One slight change in her routine can change the course of the day instantly,” she added.

When their waitress, Lauren, returned, MacLean explained the situation and asked for a new burger to be added to their bill.

“Lauren was so sweet and just smiled and went along with Arianna, telling her 'I brought you a broken cheeseburger?! You know what, I’ll have them cook you a new one!'" MacLean wrote. "I loved this because rather than just taking it from the table, she actually TOLD Arianna what she was doing.

“While this seems insignificant, by her telling Arianna what she was doing, we avoided a melt down.”

Lauren returned a few minutes later with the new cheeseburger, much to Arianna’s delight.

“Arianna said, 'OH FANK YOU! You fixded my cheeseburger!'" MacLean wrote. "When Lauren walked away, Arianna just sat there for a second and looked at her new burger. She looked like so deep in thought....just staring at it....then she let out a big 'OH I missed you!!' and started kissing the burger over and over again.”

“Everyone, from the hostess to the chef, played a role in what most people would think isn’t a big deal," MacLean added. "But this entirely shaped how the rest of our day would go. I know ... a cheeseburger cut in half literally could make or break our day.

“In this case thanks to the professionalism of the crew in Midvale, it made our day. And I’m sure Arianna brightened up at least one of the employees days with her silly little personality. Thank you."

MacLean's post on Love What Matters' Facebook page has gone viral, garnering over 100,000 likes and 57,000 shares as of Jan. 11.

Sources: PopSugar, Love What Matters/Facebook / Photo credit: PopSugar, Love What Matters/Facebook

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