Waitress Gets Unexpected Letter From Customer


A restaurant customer went above and beyond to leave a suitable tip for their server after realizing they had initially miscalculated the total.

"My friend is a waitress and this letter was sent to the restaurant addressed to her," Redditor Diorshow wrote in a post on Imgur that accompanied a photo of the letter.

The letter says:

Tricia, I was in for dinner last Friday night with my wife, sister and brother-in-law. You were our server and we had a fabulous meal.

For some reason — perhaps rushing out to get to a show, I miscalculated your tip and ended up short changing you. I left you $16.50 on a $132.30 bill.

I don't know what made me think of it, but I went on line and checked my American Express account which confirmed the error.

I am so sorry — it was purely an oversight. As I said, the meal was great and your service was perfect. The rest of the evening went well too with a great show. Hopefully the $15.00 enclosed makes things right. I just hope it finds its way to you! Many thanks and apologies!

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The post quickly went viral after it was originally posted, garnering more than 491,000 views.

"As a lifelong bartender, please understand what something like this means to us," one viewer commented on Imgur.

Customers are not always so courteous to their servers. A recent incident in Des Moines, Iowa, garnered national media attention after a waitress spoke out against cruel treatment by a customer.

Taelor May Beeck, a server at Zombie Burger in Des Moines, was shocked when she received a bill from a customer with a cruel note written in the tip line.

"Tips are only for normal looking people," the note read.

Zombie Burger spokesman Chris Diebel told the Des Moines Register that the company stood behind Beeck.

"Zombie Burger is a place that celebrates individuality and we think the vast majority of our customers like the fact that everybody there is unique," Diebel said.

"It is a real shame that someone would do this to a person in the service industry. We stand behind our staff and the fact that they celebrate who they are because that is at the core of Zombie Burger’s mission and a large part of what makes that environment special.”

Sources: Diorshow/Imgur, Des Moines Register / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons, Diorshow/Imgur

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