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Waitress Catches Boyfriend Cheating With Her Co-Worker (Photos)

Waitress Catches Boyfriend Cheating With Her Co-Worker (Photos) Promo Image

News of a guy who got caught cheating on his girlfriend has gone viral.

The news involves a waitress named Ayana, who shocked her 10,000 Twitter followers on Sept. 9 with the story of how her boyfriend was secretly two-timing her with a waitress co-worker, reports the Daily Mail.

Amazingly, Ayana's waitress friend lives only six doors away.

Using the hashtag #SameBae, Ayana described how she found out that the other waitress was messing around with her man, reports Express Digest.

"When a girl wants to show you a picture of her fine n**** in her phone and she starts pullin up YOUR mans IG page," she tweeted.

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That tweet got 53,000 likes and well over 22,000 retweets.

In subsequent posts on the same tweet thread, Ayana explained that she and the other waitress had previously bonded at work over their similar taste in men.

Eventually, the colleague got around to showing Ayana a picture of her boyfriend -- and it turned out, he was also Ayana's boyfriend.

As Ayana described it: "She goes 'I forgot to show you the boy I was talkin bout last week' so she pulls out her phone, opens the instagram app … The FIRST name in her search bar was my boyfriend's Instagram page …  In my head im literally praying she doesn't click on his page … But she does."

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Ayana managed to play it cool. Instead of telling the co-worker that they have the same boyfriend, she decided to give her a little surprise by inviting her home for a drink, knowing that their common boyfriend would be there.

So they drove to Ayana's house, as detailed in another tweet. "So girl we pull up at my house she's like this is crazy im only 6 houses down the street (let me find out this n**** be walking to her crib)."

When the two waitresses enter the house and find their boyfriend inside, the situation became instantly clear, as Ayana reported. "She then looks at me and goes 'Really Ayana? Why didn't you just tell me?? This is embarrassing I wouldn't have done you like this.'"

But there were no hard feelings between the two women, said Ayana. "Me and her have talked yall," she assured her followers. "We are good. She saw the thread ... I APOLOGIZED TO HER."

The boyfriend, however, was not so lucky, as evidenced by another of Ayana's tweets: "My ex still ain't s*** tho. No we are not together. I am visiting family while he's at the crib getting his things. He gotta go. TADAY."

Sources: Daily Mail, Express Digest / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Instagram and Twitter via Daily Mail

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