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Vulture Gets Head Stuck In Dead Pig's Butt (Video)

A hungry vulture probably thought it was in luck when it flew down to munch on a dead pig, but it got stuck inside the animal’s rear end instead.

The vulture was so excited about its find that it dug in too far. In footage of the Texas incident, filmed by resident Paul Fushille, the bird can be seen stuck inside the pig’s back end.

“The vulture didn’t care much… except for the most tender bits deep in the hog’s rectum,” Fushille said, according to “And no I didn’t attempt to remove it as vultures are prone to throw up as a defense mechanism. I didn’t want pig a** on me.”

Luckily, the bird survived without assistance. Fushille noted that it took about an hour after he filmed the video for the bird to free itself.

To date, the video has been viewed over 116,000 times. 

Sources: Metro, Daily Mail

Photo Credit: YouTube 


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