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Virginia Photographer Captures Clouds Resembling Michael Jackson, Some Say (Photo)

A Virginia photographer says he wasn’t out hunting for celebrities, just trying to get some nifty shots from a Tuesday lightning storm, when he captured a picture of a cloud that some say looks like Michael Jackson moonwalking in the sky. 

John Plashal told WTVR News he set up his camera outside Satterwhite’s Restaurant in Goochland the night of June 23 after a storm chaser app he uses indicated it might be a good place to capture photos of the natural light display. 

The 45-year-old photographer said he never noticed the cloud before he submitted the photo to WTVR’s Facebook page. He insists the photo wasn’t altered. 

“The image that you see of Michael Jackson just happens to be there,” Plashal said. “It’s pretty wild.”

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Others on Facebook noticed the cloud right away and said it looked remarkably like the music star who died on June 25, 2009. 

“I didn’t know what I had until this morning, to be honest with you, when my phone started blowing up,” he said. 

Now the Facebook photo has been “liked” over 1,000 times, has received more than 100 comments, and has been shared at least 700 times. 

But some who commented on the picture said they were much more impressed by the lightning in the photo than the resemblance of a cloud to a dead celebrity.

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“Why did you have to ruin the picture I was looking at the beauty of it days ago,” wrote Facebook user, Miroslaba Vargas. “Come'on please! And before people start saying I didn't like Michael Jackson I did. But why you have to pin point that out.”

And others questioned why a cloud was being covered as news. 

“Wow the actual ‘news’ posted this! What a joke,” said Sarah Dakota in another post. “FYI news channel 6 there are way more important things going on in our world that you should cover.”

But many suggested it was all just harmless fun. 

“Why can't people just laugh and keep scrolling!” wrote a user identified as Kee Kee B. 

And commenter, Barbara Craig said: “I’d rather believe that's him moon walking in the clouds. What's the harm?”

As for Plashal, he says he is a Michael Jackson fan and his 17-year-old daughter is too. 

He added that he even remembers exactly where he was six years ago when he heard that Jackson had died.

“I was at the pool with friends. My friend got a text that Michael Jackson had just died,” Plashal recounted. “He was an icon.”

He told WTVR he plans to continue chasing storms and photographing lightning. 

Sources: WTVR News, Facebook: WTVR News

Photo Credit: John Plashal via WTVR News,


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