Virginia Hunter Films Bobcat Right Before It Charges At Him (Video)

The frightening moment that a bobcat noticed a Virginia hunter through his camouflage and charged was caught on camera.

In the video (below), turkey hunter Kevin Walter can be seen surveying his surroundings with the camera on his phone, reports the Daily Mail.

Walter, who is also a wildlife biologist, is sitting on top of a hillside attempting to call in a turkey when an unexpected visitor appears.

“After sitting for a few minutes I looked downhill and spotted a bobcat making its way toward me,” Walter said, according to The Daily Caller.

The cat comes within 10 yards behind him before he takes out his phone to record the rarely seen animal.

“When it got directly behind me, I gave a few squirrel distress calls,” he said. “That stopped it in its tracks, and it peered around a tree to look at me.”

Walter believes that the shape and black color of the phone, and what perhaps resembled a prey to the bobcat — the camera lens and flash windows — triggered “a predatory response.”

The bobcat begins slowly moving toward Walter, who continues to record the close encounter on his camera phone.

“It stopped about 4 yards away with its tail flittering about,” the fully-camouflaged hunter said. “Then, just like that, it jumped right at my phone, which was next to my face. I swatted it away, and it bounced off my arm and took off like a bat outta hell through the woods.”

Amazingly, Walter escaped unscathed.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Daily Caller

Photo Credit: ViralHog, Screenshot via NRApubs/YouTube


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