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Viral Puzzle Stumps Most Adults While 6-Year-Olds Solve It Right Away (Video)

A viral puzzle that’s stumping the entire Internet is reportedly so easy a 6-year-old can solve it in less than 20 seconds.

The clever puzzle that’s taking the Internet by storm apparently was first assigned to children on a first grade admissions test in Hong Kong, reports Centauro. The students were reportedly given 20 seconds to solve it, and now, after it’s starting to spread online, IJReview reports adults appear to be totally stumped.

The puzzle shows a car parked in a parking space surrounded by other parking spaces. From left to right, the spaces appear to be numbered 16, 06, 68, 88 and 98. The parked car is located between spaces 88 and 98, second from the right, and the puzzle asks which number belongs in the parked car’s space.

Can you figure out this seemingly complicated puzzle?

Sources: IJReview, Centauro

Photo Sources: IJReview, Centauro


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