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Customer Helps Overwhelmed Waitress

A photo of a man helping an overwhelmed Denny's waitress in Colorado has captured hearts worldwide.

The unidentified woman who caught the image on camera wrote she was so touched by the man’s kindness, she tried to pay for his meal afterwards, Love What Matters’ Facebook page reports.

“As he got up to leave and pay his bill, I was moved to pay it for him,” she wrote. “To bless him, for blessing her. But I wasn't fast enough as he handed her cash and left. But I decided to pay for his meal anyway so that Nicki [the waitress] could have the full amount he left as a tip! I hope he is blessed for his act of kindness! I know I was by watching it!!"

The restaurant in Lakewood, Colorado, had gotten so busy that the woman declared it “every server’s worst nightmare.”

“The place got super busy and our poor waitress was basically on her own,” the post reads. “Our waitress, Nikki, had 10 tables full of people and three tables that were dirty and needed clearing before she could seat more and more people who were waiting!”

It was at that moment the mystery man -- who can be seen in the back of the photo -- started clearing empty tables.

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“She asked if he worked for Denny's and he said 'No, but customer service is customer service.' And proceeded to clean those tables off so she could sit people there and even looked for a towel to wipe them down. Then [he] sat and finished his meal,” the woman wrote.

The woman says she was stunned by his generosity.

“I was so impressed with his kindness and how he turned what could have been an awful night for our server Nikki around to one of service and love! I couldn't get over it. As she did her best to serve everyone this customer jumped into action to support her,” she wrote.

Social media users were equally impressed by the man’s act of kindness, with some calling him “an angel.”

It’s not the first act of kindness somebody has shown a waitress in April 2016.

Texas waitress Alesha Palmer, 18, says one customer left her a $1,000 tip to help with her college education, causing her to burst into tears, Fox News reports.

Sources: Love What Really Matters/Facebook, Fox News / Photo credit: Mad World News

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