Viral Panda Puzzle Artist Unveils New Illustration With Owls And A Hidden Cat (Photo)


Just days after “panda-monium” swept social media over Gergely Dudas’ holiday-themed panda puzzle, the Hungarian artist has produced another viral illustration.

On Dec. 16, illustrator Gergely Dudas posted the festive drawing on his Facebook page. The illustration showed several hand-drawn snowmen with a hidden black-and-white panda bear in a "Where’s Waldo"-type puzzle.

“There's a panda amongst them! Can you find it?” Dudas captioned the drawing on Facebook.

The post received more than 98,000 likes and over 175,000 shares by Dec. 24, with many people commenting that they've been unable to find the panda.

Now, Dudas has released an owl- and cat-themed puzzle with some surprises, like a colorful bow tie and top hat.

Hidden in the sea of owls is a cat. It’s on the third row from the bottom, second from left.

More than 2,500 people had commented on the new image by Dec. 24, with some saying that his previous drawing was more challenging.

“In under a minute!! The panda amid the snowmen was harder,” says Leen Severi.

Chairman Chau added a less-than helpful tip: “It’s easy the cat is just next to the owl.”

The new picture posted on his Facebook page has been liked and shared more than 10,000 times. Dudas went from having 13,000 followers on the social networking site to 66,608 in just days.

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Sources: Opposing Views, Dudolf/Facebook / Photo credit: Dudolf/Facebook

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