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'Am I Being Rude?': Video Aiming To Show 'Rude' Waitress Backfires On Customers (Video)

A video making the rounds on Reddit claims to show a rude waitress encountering a group of friends waiting for refills, but some believe those sitting at the table are the ones in the wrong.

In the clip (shown below), a group of friends sits at a table apparently waiting for refills on their drinks. When the waitress walks over to the table, one guy immediately starts complaining that they haven't gotten refills on their waters and asks the waitress to remove a large stack of plates. The waitress picks up the plates and apparently calls the guy out for being rude.

"What did I do that was rude?" the man asks.

The waitress calmly tells him that it was unnecessary for him to scream across the restaurant at her, but he denies her accusation. When he asks for a manager, the waitress explains that she is the manager and is also taking care of multiple tables before walking away, telling them she'll bring them their refills.

"Oh my God! This happens to me everywhere I go," the man tells his friend. "She said, 'Don't be so rude.' Am I being rude?"

The video was posted on YouTube and Reddit with the intention of showing a rude waitress berating customers, but the online users seem to think that the guy and his friends were the ones who were out of line.

"'Why does this happen everywhere I go?' I feel like he already knows the answer to that question...or at the very least his friends do," one Reddit user pointed out.

"Notice how he asks her to remove the plates after she is already reaching for them," one commenter pointed out. "It's not necessarily rude, but it is completely unnecessary and a dick move. As for the 'this always happens to me' line, I got a guess as to why."

Check out the clip below and decide for yourself whether or not the waitress was being rude.

Source: Reddit


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