Villanova Students Go Wild On Streets After Win (Video)


Students at Villanova University in Pennsylvania celebrated wildly on April 4 after their team defeated North Carolina, 77-74, to win the men's NCAA basketball championship (video below).

There were six to eight arrests and 37 injures after the students poured out of Villanova's arena, The Pavilion, and onto a nearby street of bars and restaurants, notes USA TODAY.

Police told WCAU that two people were arrested for "assaulting a police horse," and four others were charged with disorderly conduct on suspicion of setting fires. Two remaining people were arrested, but police did not initially disclose to the station their reasons for the arrests.

Local streets had to be closed down to accommodate the collegiate chaos.

Radnor Township Police Lt. Chris Flanagan told USA TODAY that a man who allegedly hit the front area of a police horse was arrested for felony assault of a police animal, but added, "There were no injuries to the equine."

According to Flanagan, four people were arrested for interfering with police horses on April 2 following Villanova's win over Oklahoma, which prompted a taxpayer-funded campaign to inform adults not to bother the police horses.

"The vast majority of people handled themselves well," Flanagan added.

Following the win over North Carolina, Sgt. Shawn Dietrich said, "One of the trees that was knocked down was set on fire."

The Radnor Township Police Department coordinated with the Villanova Department of Public Safety for the expected chaos.

"We have been meeting for awhile, knowing once they got to the Elite 8 we would really have to have our act together," Flanagan told on April 3. "We are now in DEFCON-1 with the championship game."

Radnor police were not allowed to take vacation days and were equipped with extra equipment, including pepper spray and handcuffs.

The Villanova Department of Public Safety also coordinated with Delaware and Montgomery Counties' police departments and the Pennsylvania State Police.

The total taxpayer cost of the extra policing, road closures, medical care of the injured students and destruction of property was not disclosed.

Sources:  WCAUUSA TODAY, / Photo Credit: The Alex Jones Channel/YouTube

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