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Snapchat Video Shows Boy Kicking Little Girls (Video)

Snapchat Video Shows Boy Kicking Little Girls (Video) Promo Image

Shocking and disturbing video clips have surfaced online showing a young boy kicking little girls and forcing them to fall onto the ground (video below).

The video consists of two clips that appear to be originally recorded on social media app Snapchat, the Daily Mail reported.

In the first clip, the young boy is seen approaching a little girl from behind as she is walking with her family. The boy then kicks the girl's feet from underneath her, forcing her to fall flat on her back on the concrete.

The video has a caption that reads, "this n***a goin to hell," followed by several emojis. The boy is seen casually walking away after kicking the little girl to the ground.

In the second clip, another little girl in a pink dress is seen walking through a grassy field. The video is shot from a distance.

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The same boy is seen running up to the girl - this time from the front -  jumping off his feet and kicking the little girl in her chest knocking her to the ground. A high-pitched scream is heard in the clip just before the video shuts off.

"Watch the whole thing," the caption for the second clip read, followed by a crying face emoji.

It is unclear at this time where the videos were shot. The suspect and victims have also not yet been identified, Express Digest reported.

Several social media users were outraged with the video clips. While some labeled the young boy "evil" and a "monster," others blamed the child's parents for not doing a good job in raising him.

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"Someone has been teaching this kid hate," wrote one user.

"It's bad parenting AND he's evil," responded another. "The bad parenting made him become an evil kid, but he's too old to be 'cured' of it now."

"Someone knows about this. Step forward," added another. "Surely, it wont be the women walking in front of them."

Some users even called for the young child to be imprisoned.

"He needs to be locked up for life! THIS is not a good start!" wrote one user.

"Someone lock this kid away before he kills many people," wrote another. "That is the beginning of a psychopath. Sure hope they are investigating."

"I see prison in his future in a few years," observer another user.

"No one with a normal brain would do something like this to such a small kid," added another. "Needs to be put on Meds or in jail."

Sources: Daily Mail, Express Digest / Featured Image: magicatwork/Flickr / Embedded Images: via Daily Mail

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