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Flight Attendant Slurs, Nods Off During Cabin Address (Video)

A video (below) featuring a Southwest airlines flight attendant slurring and nodding off while giving passengers instructions was posted on LiveLeak on Sept. 19, raising concern.

The unidentified employee started his cabin address without pressing his microphone, dozed off halfway through and then struggled to put his microphone back into its holster, Mirror reported.

Though many commenters suggested the flight attendant seemed drunk, Southwest airlines suggested it was a reaction to new medication.

"Due to a concern raised by a Customer, we had supervisors meet flight 464 upon arrival into Dallas from Birmingham to assess a Flight Attendant onboard," a statement from the airline read. "Although the Captain onboard the flight and supervisors on the ground did not witness or detect any unusual behavior, the Employee acknowledged a potential reaction to new medication prescribed by his physician. We made the proactive decision to remove the Employee from duty for the remainder of the day.”

It’s not clear if any further action will be taken.

Sources: Mirror, LiveLeak / Photo credit: Screenshot via LiveLeak


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