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Video Showing What Happened To Little Boy Sparks Worldwide Outrage (Video)

Disturbing video footage showing an unidentified person torturing a naked toddler with a stun gun has been uploaded to the internet.

It is unclear where or when the footage was recorded, but the person who posted it online wrote that the incident took place in Burma.

The video's caption, according to Pakistan Defence, said: "Video of a Rohingya child being repeatedly tasered with electric taser by a Burmese soldier. May Allah raise among them defenders."

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No one has yet been able to verify that the child is Rohingya or that the perpetrator is a Burmese soldier.

Regardless, the young child can be seen twisting and turning as the person holding the camera continually shoots him with the stun gun. The child screams throughout the video.

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The Rohingya Muslims are an ethnic minority group that faces severe persecution from the government in Myanmar (formerly Burma), according to the BBC. They are viewed by the government and many Burmese people as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

Since 2012, more than 100,000 Rohingya have been displaced, with many of them fleeing to Bangladesh. Many observers have defined what is happening as ethnic cleansing, and there is outrage over the lack of international response.

In October, the government and military began a harsh crackdown on insurgents thought to be allied with the Rohingya. The Burmese Rohingya Organization UK says that mass atrocities -- including rape, mass murder, and arson -- are being routinely carried out.

The Myanmar government denied the charges, calling them "false" and "distorted," according to the BBC.

Sources: Pakistan DefenceBBC / Photo credit: Christopher Smythers/Flickr, Pakistan Defence

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