Watch: Police Officer Walks Mentally Disabled Woman Home (Video)


Video (below) of a police officer in Illinois helping a 21-year-old mentally disabled woman get home went viral.

The Bloomingdale Police Department in Bloomingdale, Illinois, received a call that a mentally disabled woman wandered from her home, according to WGN-TV. Officers subsequently found her wandering the street by herself, visibly upset.

The woman refused to go with them until one officer, Officer Giovenco, helped her out. 

“Officer Giovenco was able to calm her down and she advised that she just wanted to walk the ‘trails,'” the Department wrote in a Facebook post.

“[He] told her that he would walk the ‘trails’ with her," the post continued. "She then agreed to walk back to her home, and Officer Giovenco held her hand the whole way, which really seemed to put her at ease.”

Giovenco has been with the department since March of this year.

The clip quickly went viral, garnering over 35,000 views and 6,000 shares on Facebook.

Sources: WGN-TV, Bloomingdale Police Department Facebook

Photo credit: youtube.com


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