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Watch: British Prankster Flees During YouTube Stunt After Stranger Pulls A Gun (Video)

British YouTube prankster Jack Jones got a bit of a scare recently when he had a gun a pulled on him while filming a new prank in the United States. 

The Mirror reports Jones was staging a prank in which he climbs into a stranger’s car and says he is there to clean the vehicle.

“Hello my friend I have come here to work and clean the car,” Jones can be heard saying with an Eastern European accent in the video (shown below). 

“No, no,” the owner of the car says, shaking his head. “Get out.”

Jones protests, acting confused, but the car owner quickly grows frustrated. 

“You get the f*** out of my car, right now,” he shouts, but Jones continues to argue. 

Shaking his head the man climbs from the driver’s seat and as he turns back towards Jones he pulls out a pistol and shoves it in the joker’s face. 

“Now,” he shouts. 

“It’s a joke, it’s a joke,” Jones shouts, holding up his hands. “Mate, it’s a joke.”

Jones is last seen hurrying away from the vehicle before the video cuts out. 

Jones has a become a bit of an Internet sensation recently. His YouTube channel, where he posts videos of his pranks, currently boasts over 87,000 subscribers. 

But some of his most popular videos are the ones in which strangers react violently. A BuzzFeed article last year featured a video in which Jones approaches various strangers asking them if they would like to touch his “balls” before finally revealing a sack of marbles to the confused victims.

The video ends with Jones getting punched in the face by a stranger before the prankster was able to pull the marbles from his pocket. 

The popularity of Internet prank videos appears to be spreading. Had Jones been paying attention, he might have learned that cars are off-limits when it comes to staging pranks. 

Last year a prankster duo made headlines when one of them got zapped with 50,000 volts from a stun gun by the angry owner of a Lamborghini. 

The Metro reported the two men were placing fake feces on the car when the owner approached and pulled out the stun gun, firing at the man standing near his car.

The man filming the prank had to jump out of hiding and convince the car owner to stop shocking his friend. 

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Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube


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