Video Of New Mexico Man Getting Drink Thrown In Face Goes Viral


A video of a group of people in a car throwing a drink in a New Mexico man's face and laughing at him has gone viral.

Tony Robles, a resident of Las Cruces, New Mexico, was going on his daily walk in the neighborhood when the incident occurred, reports KFOX 14. In the video, a group of people in a car called out to Robles and asked if he wanted a cigarette. When he approached the vehicle, they threw what appeared to be a cup of coffee or soda in his face.

The drink throwers recorded the video of the incident and posted it to numerous social media sites. The video was captioned "Prank on hobo" with laughing emojis.

Since the video went viral on the Internet, members of the local community have expressed their outrage at the incident and flooded Robles with support.

Charles Miramontes, another local resident, said he hoped the drink throwers were brought to justice.

"I took it upon myself and I told all of my friends on my Facebook to find this kid and make sure he gets what coming to him," Miramontes KFOX 14. "Whether it's by police department or he gets a soda in his face."  

Others have shown their support by donating food, clothing, and supplies to Robles. The longtime resident of Las Cruces is not actually homeless as many believe, although he has very little, according to KVIA.

Miramontes said the compassionate response to the incident has restored his faith in the community.

"Out of all of the bad that we hear of, people getting shot, people getting stabbed, people getting robbed. I think it's awesome the community can come together and do good," he told KFOX 14, adding that he frequently offers rides to Robles although the man has never taken them. 

When asked by KFOX 14, Robles speculated as to what drove the people in the video to throw a drink at him.

"They were just having fun," he said. "Maybe they were angry."

The Las Cruces Police Department is currently investigating the incident. The department said charges may be filed against the drink thrower if found, although they did not mention whether these would include battery.

This is not the first time someone has thrown a drink at an apparently homeless person as a prank.

In November, a McDonalds employee in Detroit, Michigan, was caught on video throwing a drink at a homeless man and taunting him, Detroit Free Press reported at the time.

The employee was reportedly fired over the incident. 

Sources: KFOX 14, KVIA, Detroit Free Press

Photo Credit: Video Screenshot

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