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Farm Sparks Outrage With Clip Of Horse In High Chair (Video)

A farm in Japan stirred controversy for posting an Instagram video (below) of a miniature horse eating in a high chair, which some commenters have called animal abuse.

The clip, posted by Suetoshi Farm, shows the animal eating carrots from a bowl while seated in a high chair like a human baby, with its front legs on top of the tray, and its hind legs below on the seat, reports the Mirror. Commenters have been split, debating whether the video is cute or cruel.

Suetoshi Farm, a tourist attraction in Saku, Japan, which offers horseback riding lessons, has posted numerous other animal videos on Instagram, including dogs and cats dressed in costumes and a miniature horse getting a piggyback ride.

The video was also posted to a French animal video page on Facebook, according to New York Daily News.

"What the hell is wrong with you all!!!! This isn't natural," wrote one commenter. "This animal is hurting. I'm speechless at how many ignorant people are leaving positive comments. Give your heads a shake."

"What stupid f***er thought this was cute. ABUSE," wrote another user.

Some users worried the position was unhealthy for the small horse.

"Understanding the anatomy of a horse's gut, digestive system and the position of the organs would tell you never to do this," advised one commenter.

"Cute, but not good for their back," wrote another.

Others defended the video as simply being cute or funny, saying that those who said it was abusive were overreacting.

"You should see the uproar you've caused on Facebook - everyone says it's animal abuse," wrote a commenter. "I think it's adorable personally."

One user claimed the high chair could ease the symptoms of a condition called megaesophagus for the horse, "which is a condition that doesn't allow food to be passed down the esophagus correctly. Sitting in the chair allows gravity to pass the food down the esophagus into the stomach."

Sources: New York Daily News, Mirror / Photo credit: Suetoshi Farm/Instagram via NY Daily News / Video credit: Suetoshi Farm/Instagram via YouTube

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