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Video Of Homeless Man Sharing His Wisdom Goes Viral (Video)

Tyler Mann, a documentary filmmaker from Austin, Texas, recently sat down with a homeless man named Obediah.

Mann filmed Obediah talking about his life and his views on the world and the video (below) has gone viral. The video has been watched by millions of people on Facebook and YouTube and Mann has started an online fundraiser for Obediah, whose words of wisdom have resonated with many.

Obediah served 12 years in prison on drug possession charges, but he told Mann that the hardest part was “getting out and trying to be a part of society again.” Though he worked as a contractor, he has struggled to find employment since being released because people won’t hire or house him due to his record.

Instead he plays music on the street. “I’d rather do what I love with a passion and make a little money then go back to contracting and try to make a lot of money and be a part of a society that doesn’t even want me,” he said.

Obediah expressed his views on why people struggle to connect to each other, in part due to the Internet. "People don't want conversations. They don't want nothing no more. I don't know what they want,” he said.

Mann said talking to Obediah “changed his life overnight,” so he’s trying to raise $5,000 to help  get him off of the streets. Mann also plans to shoot a follow-up video where he gives Obediah the money he’s raised.

So far, Mann has only raised just over $700 but the fundraiser is still accepting donations at GoFundMe.

Sources: YouTube, GoFundMe

Image via YouTube


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