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Video Demonstrates How Bleach Changes Popular Soft Drink (Video)

A video demonstrating the effects of bleach on Coca-Cola has garnered 6 million views in six days, as viewers debate the potential health risks of the popular soft drink (video below).

Taras Kul, who goes by CrazyRussianHacker on YouTube, uploaded a video on Dec. 27 to demonstrate “the power of bleach” when he pours bleach into a glass of Coca-Cola.

In the two-minute video entitled “What Will Happen If You Mix Coke and Bleach?” Kul mixes the two liquids together to show how the color of the drink gradually becomes more transparent.

“All I'm going to do now is mix it up and wait to see what happens,” the YouTuber explained.

After pouring some of the bleach into the soda, he uses a wooden stick to mix the substance.

“Let's wait a couple of minutes and see if turns white,” Kul says. “Here's the power of bleach. This is insane.”

He continues to stir, as the mixture turns from brown to yellow to completely transparent.

“You know how dark Coca-Cola is -- it's turned yellow. If we wait a little longer, it'll turn white.”

Many viewers have debated the possible reason behind the color change.

“Actually, the bleach has dissolved the color from the coke and it turned white, and because the flavor such as the syrup and the brown dark-ish color from it has gone, all that is left is the sugar and it rushed to the surface quickly,” explained one YouTuber.

Other viewers were not surprised by the outcome of the video, given the effect of bleach on clothing and other objects.

“Im not shocked,” one commented. “This is why we put bleach in white clothes. To get rid of stains and turn them white again.”

“Coke is. colored with. caramel. that and the sugar are what stain your clothes and are being ‘bleached’ by the bleach,” read another comment.

As bleach is a heavily corrosive material, according to the Institute for Vibrant Living, the commonly used cleaning material can cause respiratory problems, skin burns, asthma flares and migraines, so it's not a good idea to do the experiment at home. 

“Interesting, but hopefully there won't be any kids who will watch this and start mixing bleach with a bunch of other stuff from around the house as mixing bleach with some things will actually kill you," wrote a concerned YouTuber.

Sources: Institute for Vibrant Living, CrazyRussianHacker/YouTube / Photo credit: CrazyRussianHacker/YouTube

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