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Victim's Confrontation With Alleged Child Molester Caught On Camera (Video)

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A child molester was caught on camera being confronted by his now-adult victim years after the alleged sexual abuse took place.

Video of the confrontation (posted below) shows Matt Lauzon approaching the home of Mike Mckeown, who is reportedly a registered sex offender with a criminal history.

“Mike,” Lauzon says as he walks towards Mckeown, who is watering his lawn. “Would you be willing to apologize for sexually abusing me many years ago?”

“Shut that off,” Mckeown replies, referring to the camera that Lauzon was using to record the confrontation.

Lauzon continues to ask Mckeown if he will apologize.

“Get lost or I’m calling the cops,” Mckeown says. “I didn’t sexually abuse you.”

“You did not sexually abuse me?” Lauzon asks angrily.

“No,” Mckeown replies.

“How can you say that?” Lauzon says. “You sexually abused me right there, in that room. You performed oral sex on me. Will you apologize to me for it?”

“I don’t know why I should apologize for something that was a consent situation,” Mckeown says, seemingly acknowledging that a sexual encounter did occur between the two of them. Mckeown then says that their encounter happened when Lauzon was 18 years old, not 13 or 14 as Lauzon claimed, and that he had witnesses to prove it.

As the video continues, Mckeown becomes more annoyed and angry with Lauzon, cursing and yelling at him while still refusing to apologize.

According to a description alongside the video, Lauzon walked away after the camera stopped rolling. As he left the property, Mckeown allegedly said, “This is why your dad deserved to die.”

Watch the intense confrontation below.

Sources: LiveLeak, Inquisitr

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