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Veteran Busts Military Wife Cheating On Him (Video)

A military veteran returned home to Hawaii after working in Florida for some time to discover another man in his home with his wife while his 3-year-old daughter was left unattended (video below).

In a video that is going viral, 25-year-old Brian May can be seen walking through his home after discovering a car in the driveway. As he walks towards his room, his daughter’s voice yells for him.

When May walks into the room, he immediately sees a man kissing his wife, who is naked and on the toilet. May immediately confronts the man, who appears to be in the military as well, as he rushes out the door while being filmed.

WARNING: Contains strong language.

Before discovering that his wife was cheating on him, May reveals on his GoFundMe page that they had been having marital problems. The 25-year-old had gone to Florida for work and school after a few months of struggling to find a job, and all the while, his wife, who is also in the military, had become more and more distant.

After a semester, he told his wife that he was coming home, but she said she wasn’t comfortable with it and eventually forced him to sign over his rights to their daughter. All the while, the woman was apparently talking to a divorce attorney without May’s knowledge.

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After May’s shocking discovery upon returning home, he apparently warned his wife that adultery was against military code and that she could lose her job if it was found out.

With three years left to go in the military, May's wife panicked and apparently launched a physical attack on her husband while trying to grab his cellphone to destroy the evidence. The police eventually arrived at the scene and removed the wife from the home, and May’s daughter was able to stay the night with him.

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Although May says he still loves his wife, she is moving forward with the divorce. He has since set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money to support him during this difficult time.

Check out footage of May catching his wife cheating on him in the clip below.

Sources:  Mad World News, LiveLeak, GoFundMe / Photo credit: Screenshot via Mad World News


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