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Veteran Blasts Girl Who Posted Facebook Rant Against People In The Military

A veteran blasted a woman on Facebook after she ranted against people in the military, and now, their exchange has gone viral.

A screenshot of the conversation between the woman and the military veteran is spreading all over the Internet as people applaud the veteran for his epic response.

“I CAN’T STAND PEOPLE IN THE MILITARY! SERIOUSLY! Get a ******* educaton (sic),” the woman writes. “Just because you had nothing better to do in your life doesnt [sic] mean we owe you anything. When you come into my stand I dont (sic) want to date you. I want someone who is actually (sic) has goals in life. GROW UP!”

One military veteran happened to see "Claire’s" rant and decided that he would respond in the most epic way.

“Life goals? You just had a kid and don’t know who the father is,” the veteran wrote. “You dropped out of school sophomore year. Can’t even spell “education” correctly. All this over guys asking you on dates at your COFFEE stand?!?! YOUR COFFEE STAND?!?! That's part of your life goals? That's like stripper 101.”

“DEEEEEEEE STROYED!” the next person commented.

Other users on the Internet seemed to agree with the veteran.

“And all done by a US NAVY SAILOR!! From one Navy vet to another...THANK YOU!!!!” one commenter wrote.

Take a look at the viral exchange below.

WARNING: Contains strong language.

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Sources: Bam Margera, The Game

Photo Source: Facebook via Bam Margera


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